Importance of website design

Excellent web design is a critical factor in business success. Since 80% of customers are online these days, you need to attract and sustain their attention. With the ever-expanding and improving online competition, you cannot afford anything less. Let us look at how our website design services transformed the bespoke furniture services and supplier business, Grace + Olive.

Information about Grace + Olive

Grace + Olive is a furniture maker and supplier with a unique approach to the industry. The company began operations during the COVID pandemic and focused on delivering quality products and services by overseeing every aspect of its operations. However, few people knew of its existence, thus the need for a website. The initial site was not the best, barely attracting customer attention. The founders approached us, and we went to work, transforming their online presence into something impactful and desirable. They said, “As a small business, we weren’t too sure what to expect with building a new website. However, they kept things really simple for us”.

What did we do?

Grace + Olive wanted to move away from the one-man-band look and have something that matches their professional and high-end service. The website was basic, with limited functionality and an unappealing appearance, so we got right to work. They said, “Paul was an absolute pleasure to work with.”

We overhauled the appearance

We settled for a clean and clutter-free website look that put their products front and centre. A glance gives you an idea of what the company is all about, and you can even buy something right on the front page. We chose specific colours and images to carry the furniture theme well.

We increased functionality

We had to switch from their initial reliance on third-party websites such as Etsy for sales. The website has full online shopping support with an elaborate and updated catalogue. Additionally, it is mobile-friendly and provides the full experience on smartphones.






For best practices


SEO strength

We made it relatable

By this, we mean that customers can now see themselves represented on the site, from customer testimonials to social media connections. Additionally, we improved customer support accessibility on the website, resulting in better interaction. Customers especially love how responsive the website is. “Paul and his team were always at hand to answer any queries or questions we had and the end product is better than we could have expected.“

We improved its overall SEO

Most front-end changes were immediately apparent, but our SEO efforts went beyond. We tweaked the website to respond better and used WordPress tools to make it SEO-ready. Therefore, the website will easily score highly in such rankings once they are ready to pursue that option.


Jordan Alfaraj and Ross Edwards, owners of Grace + Olive, are happy clients after we delivered and exceeded their expectations. The business performs better than before, thanks to increased traffic and better customer relations.

“Paul was an absolute pleasure to work with. As a small business we weren’t too sure what to expect with building a new website however they kept things really simple for us.”

“Paul and his team were always at hand to answer any queries or questions we had and the end product is better than we could of expected.”

“We had a vision that we wanted to move away from the ‘One man band’ look and have something that matches the professional and high end service we deliver. They’ve exceeded our expectations and I’d recommend them to anyone looking to have a new site built.”

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